Find the IP pages for logging into the router

How do I find the IP pages for logging into the router?

The standard name and password for entering the settings are also indicated there. The picture below shows the IP address and the standard name and password ( admin – admin )
To enter the web interface, you need to turn on the router and connect it to a computer or laptop using a patch cord (usually it comes bundled). One end you plug into the socket for the network card on your computer, the other in the LAN jack on the router. 192168ll router login is important to know that WAN and LAN connectors are usually different in color and LAN connectors are always larger than WAN.

The patchord needs to be inserted into the LAN connectors. If you do not know which IP to go to the router, you can see in the properties of the network connection.
By default, each router is automatically allocated IP addresses. To find out what interests us, type WIN + R, drive cmd, and then OK. A command line opens where we enter the ipconfig command and press ENTER.

We are interested in the Default Gateway parameter. It is for this IP address and it is necessary to enter the settings of your router.

We open any browser and drive into the address line IP or – depends on the specific router.

I was able to go to / and what’s next?

Next, you need to configure your router, in accordance with the parameters issued by the provider. First you need to go to the WAN or Internet section.
In the WAN section of the router, the type of connection to the provider is usually configured, for example, VPN, L2tP, or PPoE. The website of your provider usually has Internet connection settings for the most common router models. I propose to do by analogy.
You do not need to touch the LAN section. There are parameters of a local network, distribution by a router of IP addresses, etc.
Section WIRELESS or wireless network. We configure here the parameters of your home Wi-FI network, name, password, etc.

I cannot log on to to do?

Check if your computer has a cable connected to the router. Rewind the patchcord, make sure that the corresponding LAN port indicator on the router is lit. The light should be flashing, which means that data is exchanged between the router and the PC.

Check 192 168 0 1 ip login for network settings. It is possible that the DHCP server is disabled in the router and the distribution of IP addresses in the automatic mode is not performed by them.