Novice Sprinter Breaks Records

Before this season, sophomore Kate Carnevale didn’t even run track, but the novice sprinter is a fast study and has quickly made up for lost time as a member of the Fox Chapel Area High School Track and Field Team.

Despite her inexperience, Kate’s speed and intense desire to succeed have resulted in an inaugural year in which she broke school records in the 100-meter and 200-meter events. She set those records at the Baldwin Invitational, a huge tournament at the end of the season that typically attracts about 60 schools.

“I’ve always just been fast,” says the sophomore scholar whose favorite classes are math and science and who enjoys lifting weights in her spare time. “Even when I was little and running against older girls, I always won.”

“Kate is pretty impressive in how she’s picked up on how to be successful, and she is very coachable,” says Tom Moul, the team’s head coach. “She has the desire to do well, so she’s very focused and pays attention to detail. She has a phenomenal work ethic and I always say the only way to greatness is through hard work. Sometimes the most talented athletes aren’t the hardest workers, but in this case she is both.”

Kate’s athleticism and inner drive come naturally, thanks to her parents, who both played college basketball. Of her intense competitiveness she explains, “I want to be the best I can be in school, in track, in just about everything, but I’ll admit everything gets even more intense in sports.”

“What’s remarkable is that coming into the season we were totally unaware of her,” marvels sprint coach Mike Mawhinney, a 2013 Fox Chapel Area grad who won a WPIAL gold medal and set a school record as part of the 4 x 400 relay team. “From our first practices, she was always at the head of the pack, and we knew we had a special talent, especially since she hadn’t competed before. She’s a perfect fit for the 100 and 200, and she’s our anchor on the 4 x 1 team that has a real shot at breaking the school record set last year. She’s definitely a very strong athlete and she puts her mind, body, and soul into becoming a better runner.”

Coach Mawhinney adds, “Kate is one of the best runners I’ve ever coached and she has the potential to make her mark in school history. Each meet she gets better and better, and her positive attitude adds to her great leadership abilities. We’re very lucky to have her as part of our team.”