Program Overview

This sport is an offering in 7th and 8th grade and at the varsity level at the high school. Tryouts at the middle school and high school typically occur in April or May of the current school year for participation during the following school year. Coaches will have meetings for all students interested in participating in the cheer program prior to tryouts.  Students must be present and participate in tryouts in order to be considered for the squad. Furthermore, when students try out for the cheerleading team, they are committing for both the fall and winter sports seasons. No additional tryouts will be offered during the school year. 

Download the Varsity Tryout Application.

Download the DMS Tryout Application.


HEAD – Aleta Balcer

ASST – Erin Kust

MS HEAD – Carlyn Becker and Mackenzie Kost


2015-2016 1st place in their division, Elite Cheerleading’s “Battle in the ‘Burgh” competition

2016-2017 1st place in their division, Elite Cheerleading’s “Battle in the ‘Burgh” competition