Booster Clubs play a key role in the lives of the Fox Chapel Area School District athletes. There support is vital to the success of our sports program.  The following individuals are the current presidents of their respective booster organizations.  Questions regarding fundraising and other means of support for our programs can be directed to the individual(s) listed below.

Clubs with Key Contacts

Baseball – Renee Wagner

Basketball (Boys) – Shelby Livingston

Basketball (Girls) – Allison Ritter

Cheerleading – Renee Gaghan

Field Hockey – Justin Ryan

Football – Jodi Susnak

Fox Chapel Area Hall of Fame – Ron Frank

Golf – Bryan Elder

Lacrosse (Boys) – Brad Root

Lacrosse (Girls) – Melissa Scheffler

Soccer (Boys) – Erik Ingram

Soccer (Girls) – MaryJo Dunlap

Softball – Mike and Elaine Palmer

Swimming – Lynn Gackenbach

Tennis (Boys and Girls) – Carin Mennis Nord

Track (Boys and Girls) – Tom Moul

Volleyball (Boys) – Cari Tarasi

Volleyball (Girls) – Jen Kline and Melinda Kieffer

Killer Whales – Maegan Filo

Wrestling – Ron Frank