DMS Sports Performance Program & Elementary Strength and Conditioning Program

For information on the DMS Sports Performance Program, click here. For information on the district’s Elementary Strength and Conditioning Program, click here.
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Athletes Credit Success to Strength and Conditioning Program

Up until about three years ago, when Foxes’ athletes wanted to train or keep in top performance shape, they could work out on their own in the weight room or fitness center. Facilitators were in the weight room to help out, but there was no organized program, and it was largely the football players who...
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The Science Behind the Workouts

By Strength and Conditioning Coach Tim Schilcher I’ve seen this happen so many times: an athlete jumps in during the first phase of workouts only to complain, “This is too easy,” and quits thinking it won’t help him or her get stronger or faster. Or, there are the athletes who finally join the workouts in...
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