Fuhrer Dominates at Tri-Meet

No one knows for sure if David Fuhrer has broken a scoring record playing on the Pittsburgh Field Club golf course, but one thing is sure: He played one heck of a great game at the recent tri-meet among the Fox Chapel, North Allegheny, and Sewickley Academy. At that match, he shot a six-under-par 30, making six straight birdies.

David describes what was on his mind that day.

“I went into the match with a positive mindset and wanted to finish my high school golf career on a positive note,” he says. “Whenever I was playing, I thought to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if I played free, without a fear in mind and happy thoughts?’” I embraced the fact that it was my last regular season match ever, instead of getting upset and overpressing myself to play well. I think what led to my success was my positive attitude and having fun.”

“It was quite a feat, and all done in some really miserable weather,” said Foxes coach Joe Farrell. “To be honest, we’re not sure this has ever happened in any Fox Chapel Area match, but we are all very proud of David’s effort.”