Athlete of the Week: Chase Villani

| Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017, TRIB-LIVE

School: Fox Chapel

Class: Senior

Sport: Hockey

Report card: After spending the past two years at neighboring Shady Side Academy, Villani returned to Fox Chapel to become another scoring threat for the Foxes. The 6-foot-3, 203-pound Villani is coming off a hat-trick performance against Class A foe Blackhawk. Villani, a center, ranks second on the team in goals (five) and third in points (eight). On the gridiron, Villani rushed for 277 yards and two touchdowns this season and led the Foxes in tackles (96) from his middle linebacker position. He was named first-team all-conference in the Allegheny Nine.

How long have you been playing hockey?

Since I’ve been about 6 or 7. I started football when I was 5.

What is your favorite part about playing hockey?

There’s no sport like it. My brother (Rick) played it too, and I looked up to him my whole life.

Who has been the most difficult goaltender you’ve gone up against so far?

I think the Blackhawk goalie (Matthew Bibbee) is pretty good. He stopped a lot of pucks. The Westmont Hilltop goalie (Kenny Vought) was pretty good. He gave us a hard time.

When did you decide that forward/center was the right position for you?

I always played forward. It’s just a natural fit for me.

Why do you wear the No. 91?

I did have 24 when I was a freshman. My letterman (jacket) still has No. 24 on it.

Who is your favorite NHL player and team?

Penguins and Sidney Crosby.

What is your favorite hockey movie?


Are you more of a hockey player or a football player?

I’m looking to go to college for football. I’ve always said it depends what season I’m in.

What three words best describe you?

Funny. Athletic. Nice.

What actor should play you in a Hollywood movie?

George Clooney.

What three people would you like to have dinner with?

Sidney Crosby, Morgan Freeman and Snoop Dogg.

What do you reach for first at the Thanksgiving dinner table?

Sweet potato casserole. I gotta go for it first, when it’s warm.

What is something interesting about you that nobody knows?

I can water ski.

What are your plans for after high school?

Hopefully play football in college. I got a couple looks, no offers yet.